If you want to join Manitoba’s highly skilled, diverse workforce, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re just starting out on your career path, or looking to change direction, the following links should help you chart your course.

As you can see, we divided the content into six sections, each full of useful links to departments and programs offered by the Government of Manitoba. Explore the links and discover the career opportunities waiting for you in our province.

Finding Work

Manitoba Government Jobs
Find the job or career you want with the Manitoba Government.

Find jobs with the most comprehensive job search tool in Manitoba.

Job Referral Service
Access job opportunities currently available with the online Job Referral Service.

Physician Job Opportunities
If you are a doctor looking for professional challenge and outstanding quality of life, consider the complete package offered by Manitoba, Canada.

Health Careers
Find job postings in the health care field.

Job Bank
Find jobs posted daily by employers from across Manitoba and Canada.

Skilled Trades:

Apprenticeship Training
Apprenticeship is quality, low-cost, post-secondary training leading to certification as a journeyperson in a trade.

The Red Seal Program (Trade Certification)
The Red Seal Program allows qualified tradespersons to practise their trades in any participating Canadian province or territory, making these qualifications transferable.


Manitoba Youth Job Centres
Helps students find summer employment; open for business from May to August each year.

STEP Services
Youth can register online for summer and part-time employment and co-operative education work with the Government of Manitoba and related organizations.

Urban/Hometown Green Team
The Urban/Hometown Green Team creates meaningful and career-oriented summer employment opportunities for students and unemployed youth aged 16 to 24 years.  Participating employers provide a variety of community development opportunities that improve neighbourhoods, promote community involvement and help develop young leaders.

Career Focus
Assists educational institutions to help their students find work related to their career plan by providing wage incentives to employers.

Legislative Internship Program
The program provides graduates of Manitoba’s universities or graduates of other universities who are permanent residents of Manitoba with an opportunity to experience firsthand the legislative process within the Manitoba Legislature. In addition to being directly involved with the legislative process, the interns participate in a series of seminars dealing with all aspects of the governmental process.

Partners with Youth
Contracts with non-profit, community-based organizations, institutions or private training agencies to deliver projects that will improve the participants’ general employability (i.e. further training, career coaching, etc.)

Youth NOW
Contracts with non-profit, community-based organizations, institutions or private training agencies to deliver projects that will improve the participants’ general employability by offering employability skills training, work experiences and job placements.

High School Apprenticeship Program
This program lets you start apprenticeship while still in high school. It links regular Senior Years school instruction with paid, part-time, on-the-job apprenticeship training.

People with Disabilities:

Manitoba WorkinfoNET
A family of websites connecting you with a variety of free, reliable and up-to-date employment, career planning and learning resources in Manitoba.

Foreign Trained Workers – Work Qualifications and Credentials

Work in a licensed profession

Work in a regulated trade

The Medical Licensure Program for International Medical Graduates (MLPIMG)
Helps foreign-trained physicians get medical licences to practise as primary care physicians in Manitoba.

How to find a job in Manitoba in order to immigrate and become a Canadian permanent resident

Career Exploration

Career Development
The world of work is rapidly changing.  Take charge of your career and visit the Career Development site.

Disability Support Work
Discover the rewards in disability support work.

Careers in Child Care

Consider a Career in Manitoba Justice  PDF, 371.8 KB

Consider a Career as a Natural Resource Officer

Internship, Recruitment and Development – Civil Service
A number of employment programs are offered to support civil service renewal and diversity.


Nurses Recruitment and Retention Fund
The Nurses Recruitment and Retention Fund helps find and keep registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and registered psychiatric nurses in Manitoba.

Medical Student/Resident Financial Assistance Program (MSRFAP)
The MSRFAP provides conditional grants to students studying medicine in Manitoba and physicians establishing a practice in the province upon graduation.

Employment Insurance – retraining programs
In Manitoba, programs and services for Employment Insurance recipients are administered by Employment Manitoba.

Employment Skills

Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR)
PLAR is a process to identify, document, assess and recognize skills and knowledge. PLAR can help you identify the skills and knowledge you already have for finding work.

Explore Careers by Skills and Knowledge

Employability Skills 2000+
Employability skills are the skills you need to succeed in the workplace. Employability Skills 2000+ includes communication, problem solving, positive attitudes and behaviours, adaptability, working with others, science, technology and math skills.

Labour Market

Manitoba Labour Market Information

Manitoba Prospects

Job Preparation

Employment Manitoba
The employment centres help people find jobs, plan careers and get advice or financial support for training that leads to long-term employment.


Resume and Cover Letter Builder
Use this online tool to help you write an effective resume and cover letter.